The Roll Out The Barrel project is a unique opportunity for the improvement of millions of lives around the world.
To that end, whilst there is an initial requirement for volunteers both in the UK and overseas, we do see a real opportunity for small areas of job creation in every country where the Rotary Water Barrel is sent.
At this early stage positions will be created for agents overseas, who working on a commission basis only, will be responsible for making contact with groups, organizations etc within a country with a view to establishing the level of need and a line of supply and distribution.
No point in having 100,000 barrels which just sit in a warehouse somewhere. If you believe the communities of the country you reside in (you must be resident and a national of that country) would benefit from the Roll Out The Barrel project and you have the skills and contacts, please get in touch.
Whilst we currently operate using English as the 1st language, we would welcome candidates from any ethnicity and speaking any common international language. English will be required as 2nd language
Get in touch, please.