We need a number of key people who are willing to give up some of their time to help set up the organisational structure for such a project.
We would welcome possibly the retired or semi retired or possibly someone used to working within the voluntary sector in an administrative capacity and also used to raising funds from varying sources.
Even though this is voluntary, it is important that those volunteers accept that certain functions are often better suited to different people. We want to avoid someone feeling they have to do everything. We will form a cohesive team.
The kind of experience we require are those with management skills, people who have experience of dealing with overseas projects and personnel. We would like those experienced in dealing with large/small companies, local and national government, NGOs, charities etc., import and export, shipping, the list might be endless!
Judging from this website there is probably an immediate need for some assistance in IT provision and security. Website design and operation both nationally and internationally. Overseas volunteers are also welcome, both in a managerial function and probably more important in a capacity whereby they actually interact with the distributors and recipients of the Roller Barrels.
If you are sitting at home twiddling your thumbs and you can and want to put in a few hours please email us.
We require: Ambassadors to speak to organisations, Treasurer, Secretary/PA, Project Co-ordinator, Publicity and Marketing Manager, Tour/Diary Manager. Transport Manager, in fact a project team to take the programme forward.