16,000,000 Hours A Day Fetching Water?

Have a think, what did you do today? 

I spent an hour getting ready for work, nearly an hour on a bus and have been sat at my desk for nearly three hours. I have walked to the tap for water twice and have used the toilet once. I’ve probably spent around 15 minutes on social network sites and have also had a conversation with my colleague.
Time is important to all of us, whether it’s mum, taking the kids to school, or dad picking them up – or the old lady down the road planning her shopping trip – it all comes down to time and how much of it we spend doing each task.
Now think about people in developing countries.
A recent study of sub-Saharan African countries shows that in just ONE day, women collectively spend an estimated 16 million hours fetching water. – 16 MILLION HOURS!
See how much time and effort these ladies are putting in to just one task – collecting water.
If we send our Rotary Water Barrels to help these women, it would cut 16 million hours by 75% to just 4 million hours each day.
Imagine what they could do with the rest of their time? Think how many lives we could save together.
The time could now be spent in education, health and welfare, as well as domestic issues and tasks.
We can empower these women and children and enrich their lives. So come on, let’s make this happen.