What we do

In 2001 we witnessed children carrying their own weight in water, not just from a local tap to their home but miles/kilometres.
Rolling a Rotary Water Barrel was an instant solution.
We were determined to do something about it but at the time not so easily done. For a few years enquiries were made, but no manufacturer could supply and retail purchasing was also out of the question at nearly £45 each.
Our site tells you everything you need to know as to the scale of the problem which has not been addressed by any organisation, because they have so much to contend with already.
We have driven thousands of miles taking the message as far afield as Scotland, Northern Ireland down to the South of England. Even Gibraltar have taken up the cause and he also established contacts in Australia. Funding is now flowing from various sources, including Rotary Clubs.
We are constantly reviewing the programme which has grown so quickly, and are collating a comprehensive report from different parts of the world examining the benefits in terms of education, health, economics, environmental impact etc.
Roll Out the Barrel is registered as a charity within the United Kingdom (No 1147062). We are now working with a number of organisations with overseas projects which need this simple cheap technology.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please be aware that Roll Out the Barrel is an autonomous project. We work with Rotary International and are supported by many Rotary Clubs worldwide as well as other groups and NGOs.
We invite any organisation to participate in or contribute to this project. Roll Out the Barrel will undertake to supply barrels direct into communities selected by organisations or provide a service of supply only to groups and organisations who may wish to on-transit consignments themselves.
We are also looking to build a team of volunteers who feel they have an empathy with those less fortunate or able than ourselves and wish to make a difference. If you would like more information how you can help or how you can volunteer your help then please get in touch.