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 Temporarily we are raising funds to help the families we work with in the crowded slums of Africa and even refugee camps where Self Isolation against the virus is almost impossible due to the daily needs of water, food etc.

We are looking to secure a fund to help on a personal basis to ensure security of health and food sources. (click here)

1.2 billion women and children carry their water in dirty cans and buckets for many miles everyday.


No one carries their luggage.  Suitcases have wheels!

Donate towards a Rotary Water Barrel costing £35 or $50 or
£10 or $13 for a personal water filter or
family filters from £25
Community filters from £250

No more Malaria, No more Malaria
We also provide Malaria Nets which are issued on request
£9 or $12 covers the cost of purchase and delivery.

CHEQUES & POs You can make a donation by cheque or postal order.
Please make payable to “The ROTB Trust” send to:
2 Daish Way, Newport, Isle of Wight PO30 5XB United Kingdom

We are going to build a factory in Africa
You can get a share for the Factory Fund Appeal from as little as £5.00 (press here)
(all donations to this fund will be ring fenced for this specific project)


You can make a donation via bank transfer or a set up a standing order for any amount you feel you can afford regularly.

Bank details: The Cooperative Bank. Account No: 65550634 sort code: 08-92-99


Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving

Donating is easy, all you need to do is head to our PayPal page and choose how much you want to donate. We will keep you updated about all projects we are involved in, so you can see the impact your donation has.

PayPal world wide
Please send as a friend or we pay fees.

Depending upon the circumstances, the terrain, the environment, the need in a specific area for a specific project, we supply a Rotary Water Barrel, which should have a constant use life of at least 8 years

Provision of a Rotary Water Barrel can include an Aquafilter for immediate clean drinking water or a Life Straw for individual use.

To donate a used/second hand Rolling Water Barrel/Aquaroll,

wrap it up and send it to:

2 Daish Way, Newport, Isle of Wight, Po30 5XB.

You can also ring 07809 456 247 to arrange collection