Just in from South Africa…… Letter from Hillcrest Rotary

We love to receive feedback on the barrels we send out to Africa, here is an email and some photos from our friends over at the Hillcrest Rotary.

Just returned from the Ingwavuma area where I met up with the most amazing ladies from Zisize and Fancy Stitch. Both institutions are so well run and I`m sure the desired recipients will receive the generous donations you guys supplied.
We had the honour of helping an old Gogo (granny), who came to pick up her grandchild at Zisize, assemble a barrel and give it to her. She immediately went to a spring behind the centre, filled it up and took the toddler and the water barrel home, with a big smile on her face .
There is a huge drought there, I`ve never seen so many empty dams in the country.
Thanks again for the dedication.
It was a 15 hour round trip.
Fred Kroone
The Rotary Club of Hillcrest.
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