LifeStraw – the life saver.

As well as providing our Rotary Water Barrels to countries across the world. We also provide LifeStraws – portable water filters which effectively remove all bacteria and parasites, which are responsible for causing many of the diseases suffered by those who drink unclean water – including Diarrhoea. ألعاب لربح المال الحقيقي 2022 في مصر

LifeStraw requires no electrical power and even still, no spare parts – meaning it can be carried easily – allowing for simple access to safe and clean water.

We were recently sent 1,000 personal life straws, 100 family life straws (alongside 18 community Aquafilters, suitable for 20 families, as well as 50 family Aquafilters) to Haiti, to help those who suffered after Hurricane Matthew in September.

Talking to the Isle of Wight County Press, Adrian Brewer said:

“We have arranged for the filters to be flown out from Birmingham tomorrow and they will land in Haiti on

Sunday when, after customs clearance etc, and they will be in the hands of families in desperate need.

“Despite being a small charity, we believe we are the first to get water filters into the disaster area. Other agencies are providing purification tablets. 888 casino عربي

“We are working with other organisations here and in Haiti, including Rotary and expect to send another consignment very soon. لعبه الكوتشينه

The LifeStraw really is a life-saver, and the reports we are getting back from Haiti is that they are already making life easier for those who desperately need access to clean and safe drinking water.

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