Rotary Barrels – Medical Benefits

 We’ve recently blogged about some barrels we sent to Zanzibar – we received this email from them highlighting the medical benefits to what we are doing.
Not only are we solving an age old problem, we are also helping improve the health of thousands and thousands of families.
Through the initiative of Roll out the barrel charity of UK and with the support of Chippenham Rotary Club of UK, Zanzibar for the first time has a solution on preventing spinal cord and vertebral diseases resulting from carrying heavy loads of water on the heads and the backs.
ZOP acknowledges the collaboration shown by Roll out the Barrel charity, Chippenham Rotary club, IMPACT UK and Rotary Club of Zanzibar Stone Town that today we are initializing a new approach of preventing preventable disabilities of spinal cord and vertebral diseases.

Its heartwarming to hear that what we are doing is helping!
You can help to – it only costs £30!
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