Mildred’s Story

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This is Mildred Nkhata. - She is undoubtedly a very special person.

Single parent, two children Luwa a 7 year old girl and Rainford 4 years. They live together in Chitambo, Zambia. Their living is subsistence in a home no bigger than a garden shed.
Everyday, Mildred takes her large basin and collects 40 litres of water from the new village pump now only 500 metres away but she does that twice. Even though she lives quite close to a clean water source she and Luwa still have to walk along dirty and uneven paths.
Her daughter Luwa will collect another 20 litres.
Before the local pump was installed they walked for miles and for hours.

Try it yourself one day! (Maybe not)

When we presented her with a Roll Out the Barrel she was overcome, squeezing the hand of Rotarian Anna in appreciation.

Mildred was lost for words.

Collecting water is now something these children look forward to..... By removing the arduous task of carrying water on her head....we make her life and her childrens, so much easier.

So what is so special about Mildred and her family apart from the fact they rarely if ever complain...

... well Mildred is totally BLIND!!!!! ...and has been since the age of 2.